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Will India be able to repeat that magic performance again in Finals? This indicates strong possibility for India to win the world cup final match; however, the chart also indicates that the match is going to be a tough one. Lot of expectations is there from Sachin and he will be able to meet the expectations to a certain extent.

Dhoni will have to use his tactics, presence of mind and his experience well in this world cup encounter to gift India their 2 nd World Cup Trophy. So, according to our astrologers, India Vs Sri Lanka Final Match will be a tough one; however, the planets are favoring India to gift us our 2 nd world Cup trophy.

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You will have gains from contracts and speculative deals. You will have victory over enemies, and your popularity will considerably increase. Health will be okay need some special care. Pisces General: The year would be a year to become more sharp and sensible. Watch your words.

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Do not promise to offer a f Pisces Career and Business: This year, you would start up on a high note. However, after a few months, there might be a sense of detachmen Pisces Love and Relationships: It is time you make your presence felt and start planning.

Get going along with the time. Do not delay things Pisces Money and Finances: The financial side of the year might be up to the expectations.

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Although you might not receive extravagant pro If you see people who are very successful in mundane astrology, they are generally widely read and traveled. I use the Indian independence horoscope of august 15 midnight This is will fairly give you very accurate idea. I use Tajik of Indian independence chart of that particular year for better understanding. Many astrologer use jamini astrology, so many chakras suraya vithi, sanskaranthi chart. Analysis of all these will only lead to paralysis rather than predicting an event.

I have hardly relied on these charts. This may surprises many astrology gurus who use a variety of techniques to dazzle people but do not predict.

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For the prediction of the election results one needs to use the swearing-in ceremony chart. This will help you to clearly predict.

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For example how will be bush presidency in the coming 4 years can be predicted using his swearing ceremony than any other details. This can be done for any place in the world. Most of the celebrity horoscope used by Indian astrologer is wrong. They have all kinds of fanciful theories and jargons. Most of the successful Indian politicians and celebrity come from cancer, Taurus, vrichika and simha lagna.

I have seen the chart of the mr. Always understand that tenth lord will be very powerful for the celebrities. This is one of the best method to check whether the chart is right or not and belongs to that particular personality.

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The books of the varahamihra will give you fair idea on about mundane astrology. Many people forget that varahamihra in is entire books write more on the external signs and transits. Use this common sense approach. The clues thrown by astronomical changes will give a fair idea on how to predict for mundane astrology.

Read widely. These will help you to build a steady knowledge and also update the trends, which will be useful in prediction. Try to specialize in few areas in mundane astrology this will help in long way in boosting the confidence.

Life after s has had explosion of information. It is difficult for all many people to know in depth about many subjects. Mundane astrology will require vast amount of knowledge before any one boldly gets into the predictions. Trying to concentrate in few areas will give vast amount of success.

In future astrologer will specialize in countries and areas. This will be the easy way to improve consistency. The easy way to be of the pressure is once the prediction is given do not go on concentrating on the results. This will only add up to the tensions. For example when cricket match is played I do not see the match once I have give the prediction because it will only bias my views.


Do not believe in any of the secret parampara techniques. Most of the techniques are out dated and rest cannot be used unless the techniques are modernized. The world has under gone drastic changes in the last years. In fact the speed of changes in too much and common people some times feel left out. Therefore astrology like all the modern science needs to be modernized in its interpretation and not in basic philosophy.

Try to develop a systematic approach towards the mundane astrology.


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People just con and make money in name of parampara. The common techniques will give you a fair edge over other astrologers who do not believe or use these techniques properly. For example I have used for example 22nd drekkana for predicting veerappan death. Home Documents Mundane Astrology Book. Mundane Astrology Book Download Report. Published on Nov View Download To swami shanthananda of vasista guha.

To my brother who was the starting point of my search. I also thank Sify. Kennedi- who gave me the opportunity to write. Robin Sam who got me to write in sify. To all my clients. This book will be based on simple techniques than using complicated chakras and jamini astrology Like any other fields, this field had lot of evolutions innovations and changes from the past years.

I would like to classify mundane astrology era as follows for easy understanding. Chapter one A broad view of mundane astrology areas- This chapter will give you a brief and clear idea of the areas one need to concentrate in mundane astrology. The various facets of mundane astrology are Elections this means Indian parliament elections, the USA presidential elections, UK elections or any election in the states. Chapter two How to become a very good mundane astrologer. Now the technical parts. This is written purely on a noble basis and not to hurt any astrologer.