Libra horoscope december and december 2019

Family members and especially a parent or parent figure have personal dramas. Emotions at home run high, so be more patient. There are dramas in the lives of friends and with computer and technical equipment. Make sure files are backed up and that anti-virus, anti-hacking software is still up to date. Siblings and sibling figures are also affected Jupiter is impacted by this eclipse.

They have personal dramas and need to make financial changes. These financial changes will be good as they are in a prosperity period now. Students make important changes to their educational plans. They may be changing schools.

There are shake-ups and disturbances here. Love is more materialistic these days.

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Singles are attracted to the wealthy — the good providers. Material gifts turn you on.

Myth, Magic, Moons, Stars….

This is how you show love and how you feel loved. The sexual magnetism is perhaps of equal importance. December 21 is especially magical: Your ruling planet Venus connects with Neptune, whisking you off your feet! Lots of talk is sure to take place, too: Mercury meets Jupiter on December 21—just watch out for exaggerations! Expect your phone to ring off the hook. The full moon in Cancer arrives on December 22, shining a spotlight on the sector of your chart that rules your career and reputation.

The full moon in Cancer will illuminate where you are on this journey.

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Fiery Mars enters Aries, your opposite sign, on December 31, igniting the relationship sector of your chart! If the people you've been partnering with have been flip-flopping, unsure of what to do or how they feel, Mars in Aries will find them in a decisive, action-oriented mood—maybe even a little bossy!


Whether it's through a conversation, teaching, or even writing, you'll make a difference by sharing your thoughts. All of this goodness will truly be set into motion on December 7 thanks to a beautiful New Moon in the same area of your chart as Jupiter. This lunation will stimulate Jupiter to start pouring out his luck -- and that means a major communications-related opportunity is on its way.

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If you're in a position to sign contracts for anything, know that you'll have all the odds in your favor after this lunation. Mercury happens to turn direct the day before on December 6, so don't even worry. You're good to go.

There might be a turning point in your professional life near the Full Moon in Cancer on December Touching the top of your chart, it's likely you'll receive spotlight attention for a career milestone you've achieved or some other honor.